Construction is an industry which has historically been a very dynamic one. It has, and will carry on, growing over the coming years and decades.

Therefore, our readership is growing and can be expected to continue to grow into 2018 and far beyond.

One of the leading forces in Michigan construction, Moving 2 Grand Rapids brings the issues that matter to the industry, in one easy to digest publication.

Our magazine is published monthly and features everything that could be of interest to all sections of the construction business.

The people who read our magazine are the CEOs, the directors, the managers and the investors. But in addition to that, we are also read by the engineers, the project and site managers and the construction workers themselves.

In short, we are an indispensable resource for all connected with the industry. Your business cannot afford not to subscribe to our publication.

Every month, we shine a light on a special focus; this ranges from women in construction, to green building.

Our issues also spotlights specific companies and contractors, with a full fact file about each firm and their details.

We regularly interview the top executives and owners of companies who are planning and building the next big construction jobs. These offer a fascinating insight into what the industry leaders and clients are thinking and who they will be hiring in the upcoming months and years.

Our well researched legal section keeps you in the picture about legislation and laws, with details of refresher courses and downloadable fact files. This is to help keep your company and its members updated about the latest in health and safety information.

The magazine publishes a supplement each issue, with its focus on the management and CEOs of construction. This is like a magazine within a magazine and offers invaluable insight into the top level of the construction business.

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